What Do You Want?

Do you know what you really WANT as clear as this kid?

Do you know what you really WANT as clear as this kid?

Are YOU Getting What You Want?

Have you thought about what you really want?

Ok, I know , I know  ....." I need $1M bucks"..... " I need a kid who will listen"...  " I need a husband who loves me".... "I need that one perfect opportunity" .... "I need a 20 year old body"...  "I need more time off"....  "I need that house at the shore"   I get all that, but what I'm asking is.... what do you really want and whydo you want it?   AND, even more important,  WHY DONT YOU HAVE IT ALREADY?

Take a minute and go through all your wants - be like a 10 year old at Christmas - anything goes!  Then take a deep breath and another minute, then go deeper to your true desires, not just the "stuff".

It is hard to ask ourselves what we really want because maybe we don't feel like we deserve it, so we stick will filling that need with frivolous stuff that doesn't get to our real desire.

Or you might think if you get everything you want, you might not be that nice person that everyone knows, or be the best dad, mom, son, daughter, etc...  Or you believe that since your parents had to work super hard, you do too, or you don't want to be showy.  In other words, your wants might not align with some deep seated beliefs imprinted in you from long ago.  Oohh, really(?!), could YOU be holding YOURSELF back from greatness?

Yes, I said it... YOU might be holding yourself back from getting what you want and need!!!

You are reading this for a reason.  This is a sign.  Take the time to reflect of what is important to you and how you want to spend the rest of your life.   Ask yourself what is your "Red Ryder Carbine Action Two-Hundred Shot Range Model Air Rifle" of the rest of your life.